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Sunday, 18 December 2011

Eurovelo 2

The Western part of Eurovelo 2 is known as the R1, which is confusing.  This website contains some helpful information and suggests that the route from St Petersburg to Calais is 3500km or 2100 miles.

I am going to quote from the site referred to above, regarding Russia:
A special feature of the R1 is that it passes through Russia twice. The Baltic States separate the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad from the rest of Russia and thus offer two opportunities to see very different aspects of the country.

Note that you will require a visa to visit Russia .
Indeed if you are intending to visit both parts of Russia, you will need a double visa.
Visas can be obtained for example from your Russian Embassy.You will an invitation, which you can through visa agencies.

I see on the Polish map, that it goes south close to Gdansk, so I wonder if it is following the same route as the Eurovelo, but I notice it doesn't go all the way to Poznan either: Fromborg, Elblag, Grudziadz, Bydgoszcz, Pila, Miedzyrzecz and Kostrzyn.

According to it, the main towns in Germany it passes through after Berlin would be: Potsdam, Belzig, Wittenberg, Dessau, Staßfurt, Goslar, Einbeck, Höxter,  Güters-Ioh, Münster and Vreden. It seems to go in a very indirect manner and I wonder if miles can be taken off by going a more direct route. (Wittenberg is the famous place where Martin Luther nailed his theses to the door of the Church and started the Reformation)

I would like to quote this from the site:
Most of the route is in the flatter parts of North Germany and only occasionally does it cross one or the other hill in the Harz mountain area.
In general the route network in Germany is of a very high standard and very cyclist-friendly. Because more of the R1 is on separate bicycle paths, or along remoter forest roads and paved field tracks, there is little contact with motor vehicles.
Prize-winning “Bicycle Towns” such as Münster offer a cyclist-oriented service and have a large range of Bed & Bike offers.
Parts of the route of the R1 coincide with other long-distance cycle routes and tours, for example the cycle route along the river Elbe, allowing the combination of various routes with the possibility for small detours.

This would suggest that there is scope for reducing the distance by finding more direct routes.

Once into the Netherlands, the main towns are Arnhem, Utrecht and Den Haag. 


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