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Tuesday, 13 December 2011

Eurovelo route 7

The cycle signs through Sweden look like these:

The cycle signs in Finland are like this:

"Ginstleden Cykelspåret" Blue Signs are found along the Baltic Sea route, such as, from Helsingborg to Fjärås Bräcka, a route of 160km.  Part of the the North Sea Cycle route and the land is quite flat here.

"Haparanda - Sundsvall 
Next stage follows another signed route, "Cykelspåret" along the Baltic Sea (blue signs). The route
runs as close to the sea as possible, but it also has to avoid the busy road E4. So when the route makes
a detour into the country, we strongly recommend you to stick to that  instead of taking a short cut
along the E4. A little longer, maybe, but more to see, less stress and greater security!"

"Further down south the landscape rolls on, past lakes and rivers, into forests and out again, sometimes with views of the sea, islands etc.  Now and then quiet little villages with wooden houses appear, and bigger towns like Luleå and Piteå (both founded in 1621), and  Skellefteå, where you cross the river on Sweden´s oldest and longest wooden bridge."

"Next in turn is the university town of Umeå, with excellent facilities for cyclists and the interesting
museum area of  "Gammlia", where in the ski museum you find the world´s oldest ski (5 000 years).
Örnsköldsvik is beautifully set right on a gulf of the Baltic, Härnösand lies  astride over a passage
between the mainland and an island. Sundsvall is your last town on the "Cykelspåret" "

The route between Torsång  and Sundsvall is inland, so has green signs (as it is not near the Baltic Coast).

"From Falköping we have the possibility to cycle free of cars on a disused railway south to Ulricehamn and then further west to Borås. Most of the way the surface is good asphalt. "

"Fjärås Bräcka - Helsingborg
Having crossed Sweden we continue south along the westcoast south of Göteborg - Sweden´s second
biggest town, with good cycling facilities - along the west coast of the country. Follow the signed Ginstleden/Cykelspåret(blue signs) passing Kungsbacka and going down to Varberg. A charming coastal town. Visit the historic (14th - 16th centuries) fortress here! Then continue through Falkenberg and Halmstad to Båstad. There will be acces to good beaches here and also futher on. Now the route change name to Cykelspåret (only) and follow the beach to Ängelholm and then straight to Helsingborg".

You can take a ferry from there to Helsingør in Denmark.


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