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Tuesday, 11 February 2014

E-book Giveaway - "To St Petersburg With Love" FREE on St Valentine's Day

This is my largely undiscovered book and its FREE today, so why not give it a go. Unlike many of the books for St Valentine's Day today, mine is entirely unsentimental and true. A decision to cycle across Europe - as you do - one summer led me to meet quite by accident the love of my life -OK, I've given one nod to sentimentality. It is a memoir/diary of approximately 50 days of adventure, travel and a developing relationship. It is descriptive without being fluffy or superfluous. Hope you either love or hate it enough to review it afterwards. Read the first three pages and you will be sucked in till you have read the entire thing a few hours later - it is that sort of book. Its book title is "To St Petersburg With Love".

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